I had instant oatmeal in a paper cup for lunch today while my kid had this…

I would make myself a fancier lunch, but I totally wouldn’t eat this. Yes, I’m pickier than my 5-year-old when it comes to lunch. And clothes. And probably everything. We agree on music, though, thankfully.

Frozen peas, cold cooked sweet potato, a cold grilled cheese, some fruit that makes my mouth itchy, sugar sour yogurt, and raisins that will be all cold and terrible from the ice pack? No thanks. I’m okay with paper cup instant oatmeal. Or soup and toast, which is my standard lunch these days.

I save my not-as-picky eating for dinner. Not Roozle, though. At dinner, she won’t eat half of this. Tonight she ate some egg and an avocado. Last night she had a peanut butter sandwich. I had brown rice stir fry for dinner with all the veggies. So maybe we’re the same level of picky, just at different times of day. I’ve always been like this, so I’m not the parent pushing adventurous eating. She’s the one pushing me to try new things most of the time. It never goes well. My forever answer to, “You should try this! Do you want some?” is “Nope.” Keep trying, Roozle. Maybe one day. Probably not, though.

Author: Casey

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