She sleeps with the light on because she has a lot to do first. #goodnightRoozle

goodnight roozle march 2015


When you have all the ideas to draw and all the books to read, you need to sleep with the light on. It started with coloring what we drew, then she drew what she wanted. Sometimes she still asks us to draw something first, though. Because after a long day of being five, it’s sometimes hard to decide what to draw.

Our routine has adjusted with her. Now that she can read, there’s a lot of reading. Now that she’s way into meditation, there’s some of that too. But still, mostly, she draws. She draws when she falls asleep, she draws when she first wakes up. She draws in the car and at school and during dinner and while she is doing all the things. Goodnight, Roozle.

Author: Casey

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