I love everything even when things are hard to love because life is sometimes way harder than it should be.

all the coffee all the things


Do you have a list of the things you love? I have a list in my head that I can go to when needed, but sometimes I get overwhelmed and I forget.

I forget that when I take the train, I’m happier. Even if there’s a delay and it’s cold. I’m still happier on those days overall.

I forget that getting a latte at just about any time of any day makes me happy.

I forget about the great amazing that is a good playlist. Lately, it’s better if I don’t make the playlist as I find myself in holes of OH DEAR way too fast. My feelings often sound like hipster music.

I forget that I should write. I should always write.

So basically, on the really bad days, you’ll find me on the train, listening to music, drinking a latte, and writing Taylor Swift haiku. Because awesome. All of that. Even when it’s all so hard.

Author: Casey

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