The first day is the hardest day. Or maybe just the loudest day.


The first day back to regular school day screen time rules is always the hardest. She had all the snow days, then February vacation (which is a full week of no school for no apparent reason), and all the weekends between with no screen time rules.

Can I watch days of Horseland? Yes, you can!

I like that she gets these times to fully immerse herself in 5-year-old pop culture, but by the end of it, I just wanted to listen to my hipster playlist and cook while she did all the things instead of Can I watch another show?

The first day back to rules comes with lots of begging, of course, but once I picked up the house, she settled into building an obstacle course, stapling a stack of paper, and building a LEGO patio. I like that way better. I think she does too, really. Or she will in a few days.

Author: Casey

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