We found the answer to all her reading problems. The answer is Barbie.


Reading is magic. But reading is hard. Roozle is reading well these days, but the books she can read are too long. Reading is a lot of work. Especially when you’re only a few months into it.

We took her to a bookstore today and told her, “You can pick any book you want if you can read two pages of it.” Because finding the right level book for her is proving to be more difficult than I expected. Some easy readers are impossible, others that say they’re for better readers are too easy and she’s bored. Maybe it’s the way she’s reading. Maybe books are weird.

Today we found the answer to all the things. The answer is Barbie.

She read two pages then kept going. Can’t stop won’t stop, Barbie.

I’ll take it. Because reading is magic. No matter what you’re reading. And today she learned about nouns and verbs thanks to not understanding a sentence about Barbie’s horse. Okay Roozle! Let’s talk about words! Even if it’s Barbie that gets us there.

Author: Casey

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