On getting out of the house on a Saturday but first you get locked out and have to shovel last week’s snow but it’s totally worth it.


“Mommy! Quick! Take a picture of me with this dog!”

She didn’t want to leave the house today. Want to go to the library? No! Out for lunch? No! Out for cupcakes? NO. Target? YES! PLEASE YES PLEASE YES PLEASE.

This kid loves Target. So much. (And no, this isn’t a sponsored post). I finally had a chance to shovel out my car from last weekend’s storm and we had to get out. Or I did. Riley would’ve been fine tying her jump rope to furniture and wearing a life jacket and leopard outfit all day. Which she did for hours tonight to make up for the times she lost on our out of the house Target trip.

First, I locked us out of the house and had to break back in. Then, we left the house! In the car! Hey Target hey! We bought snacks and a hula hoop and a book (THAT SHE CAN READ HERSELF) and a microwave (!!!) and sang ourselves through the aisles. Like you do.

Good job, Target on a Saturday.

Author: Casey

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