You can believe in things that aren’t true, apparently.


“Mommy, make sure you can see where I just lost my tooth in the picture!”

“I don’t think I can.”

“Okay, just try.”

“Will the Tooth Fairy come? The real one? Or do you just want me to again?”

“I want the real one this time! I believe in her.”

“Okay, but when she reaches under your pillow, she will probably flop your head all around trying to put stuff under there.”

“I don’t want that! And I don’t want her to take my tooth!”

“Just write her a note telling her not to take it. You should ask her to be gentle with your noggin, too.”

“You know she’s not real, right Mommy?”

“You just said you believed in her!”

“I know! But you can believe in things that aren’t true!”

Author: Casey

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