I’m bad at playing Legos or LEGO or with LEGO bricks or whatever you want to call it


A few months ago, she discovered the great delight that is the Disney Princess LEGO set. This was the first time she built LEGO by the directions and it ruled. But she never finished. I think the sets got too hard and perfectionist Roozle doesn’t find any fun in too hard. We ended up with a few half-finished sets carefully set aside until she was ready. Then the snow came. And eff this, let’s build something. We dumped all the sets together and got to work. Except, I’m awful at playing LEGO.


I can make a minimalist electric vehicle for Hipster LEGO Man, but after that, I’ve got nothing. It’s not that I don’t know how to be creative or build all the things. That rules.



It’s a compulsion, really. I can’t stop. Thankfully, Roozle likes things organized by color, too, so she doesn’t get too mad. And it means I’m not taking any of the pieces she wants.

As soon as I finished, she mixed them all up and laughed all the laughs. No problem, Roozle. I’ll start over!

Author: Casey

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