I call her Love


I don’t know when it started. Nearly every time this kid has something to say (which is A LOT OF THE TIME), she starts with, “Mommy?” and waits for an acknowledgment before saying it. It goes a lot like this:


“Yes, love?”

“Did you know that frogs eat dragonflies?”

“I didn’t know that.”

“It’s a fact!”

Moments later…


“Yes, love?”

“Can I sleep in your room tonight? The snow machine is spooky.”

It goes like this all day.

Mommy? Yes, love?

Mommy? Yes, love?

Because I was tired of saying what. Because it’s sometimes exhausting to have to answer a pre-question before all the questions. Because I was losing my patience.

Because when you call someone love, it’s really hard not to just love them with all you are. With every yes, love? I am here. I’m ready. Let’s talk about all the things, love. I’m right here. I’m ready for frog facts and a sleepover and sad things and scary things and hard things.

Yes, love.

Author: Casey

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