Sometimes we have a sleepover and Roozle helps me blog from my phone and it’s my favorite.


“Having sleepovers are fun. Because you get to be with your mommy. And you’re with someone.”

“Why don’t you tell me about your dream last night?”

“No. That’s too scary for your blog.”

So true, Roozle.

“Why does it have a red line under Roozle?”

“Because my blog doesn’t know that Roozle is a real word.”

“I don’t like that! Roozle is my nickname! You could just say Riley.”

“I could. And I do sometimes.”

“How do you do that so fast?”

“I’m very good at blogging from my phone. Are you reading my blog post?”

“Yes. I am.”

“That’s funny. Reading is awesome.”

“I know! We should blog about funny things!”

“We’re never going to bed.”

“Too much blogging!”

Author: Casey

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