Things I loved this week


I loved everything this week, until I didn’t, then I did again.

• Writing at the bar
I usually hate writing at bars because I get scared that everyone is reading what I’m writing, but this week no one was paying attention and I wrote all the things. That ruled.

• I rode all the public transportation this week which meant a lot of waiting for nothing, but! I learned all the bus schedules while I waited! I love learning things!

• I’m about to have dinner with friends who have been my friends for all the years and I’m so thankful for that.

• Snow and a strange week meant that I got some extra time with Roozle this week. That kid is my favorite.

• I read a post about making time for good stuff so I made time to play guitar this week and am learning a new song. I always forget how happy that guitar makes me. Until I’m playing it. I’m going to make more time for it even if it means I just play worship songs every day. Because I learned guitar in my Jesus days, so I automatically go to Jars of Clay. Can’t stop won’t stop.

What did you love this week?

Author: Casey

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