Things I realized on a 24 hour trip to DC


I got back tonight from a super fast trip to DC to visit the office (more on that soon!) and spend some time with friends. It totally ruled, as quick travel often does. Get away! But not too long! I didn’t miss too much! But still did all the things! Good job, DC.

Things I realized on a 24 trip to DC

DC is in Virginia, but not really, but kind of totally really.

Burger places in airports that are meant for burgers that also make veggie burgers give you a normal veggie burger with regular burger things like mustard and pickles and I haven’t had something like that in so long it made me the happiest.

Take your belt off to go through security. Even if you forgot you were wearing a belt.

My kid has the tiniest most adorable voice I’ve ever heard. I miss her when I’m gone.

I hate TV and TV shows, but I really like watching Friends on the plane.

Sleeping with the light on in the hotel room because it’s scary to sleep alone in a hotel room will make you sleep terribly.

Sleeping terribly is totally fine if you have an awesome day with all the coffee after it.

High tops aren’t a good choice for airport security.

High tops are so awesome, it doesn’t matter that they are awful in the security line.

Fashion is clearly all that matters in life.

I listen better when I live tweet. Live tweeting is my favorite.

I really missed my kid. And my tiny dog too. So much.

Author: Casey

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