Sometimes so much snow requires less Buddhism and more neighbor help.


I put it off as long as I could. Yesterday, I worked most of the day, then had to convince Roozle to join me outside to shovel the sidewalk. Because good neighbors! She didn’t last long enough for me to get to the car and it was cold. Blizzards are like that. So cold.


Today I worked inside most of the day, but as it started getting dark, I knew it was time. I tried to be a Buddhist about it. Shovel the snow. Be present. But my mind wandered to move to the suburbs. Get a garage.

But just as my struggle intensified… Get a garage. Get a garage. This snow pile is taller than you.

My neighbor showed up.


He is stronger. Taller. And his shovel is made of magic. He took all the hard parts. We chatted.

I remembered why I love the city. I don’t need a garage. I just needed a little help.

Author: Casey

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