Dear childhood, climb all the mountains. Especially when they’re made of snow.

It took her a while to get dressed. It took her a while to walk down the hall, down the stairs. It took her a while to climb the pile, climb every mountain, climb my car.

Snow has a way of making the climbing enough. Snow has a way of making outside enough.

This moment right here, enough. This shovel full of snow, is enough. One at a time. Do what you can. Enjoy it while you’re here. The snow will melt and be gone. None of the mess and delay and no school will matter. But this climbing big mountains? That always matters. One step at a time. Do you want help? No, I’m getting there, she said. I can do it, she said. It took her a while. That was just fine.

Climb every mountain, Roozle. Especially these awesome snow ones. They won’t last long.

Author: Casey

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