It snowed today so we played a lot then did nothing and it ruled.


We woke up to the first big snow of the year today. At 6:05am. Give me all the coffee.

I knew it would soon turn to rain, so we got outside early. I squeezed Roozle into last year’s snowsuit (last year I called it last year’s snowsuit too, she’s been squeezing into this one for a while) and off we went!


We don’t have a yard to play in, so after convincing Roozle to stop playing in our driveway, we were off to the playground. Because playgrounds rule in fresh snow.


We spent the rest of the day inside. I read a book. She drew and sang and LEGO’d and changed her outfit a lot. We ordered pizza for dinner. Tomorrow, we will pick up the house and do dishes and all the things. But not today. Today was for snow and nothing else. Exactly as the first snow should be.

Author: Casey

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