I went to Best Buy, but couldn’t find the payphone.


Speculation. Inconsistencies. Serial.

I started listening to Serial months ago. I even went to Best Buy to buy a new camera look for the payphone. I can’t stop thinking about it. Who is guilty? Innocent? WHAT IS HAPPENING.

I became obsessed and binge listened. Until there was just one episode left.

Then I stopped.

Because what happens if I listen to the last one? That’s it? What will become of me?

So I waited. And waited.

Until tonight. I don’t know if I waited too long or if this episode is a bit of a let down or if maybe it’s just that I couldn’t find that payphone at Best Buy, but now it’s over…. The last episode was a bit of a let down.

Except that this is a real life story. About real people.

And what can we ever really be sure about anyway?

Author: Casey

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