Hold On, Let Go


She gets ahead of me these days. She goes off with a friend to get something she forgot. She lets me wander my own section of the library. But only for a minute. She always shows up. She always stops and waits for me to catch up. If I take too long, she tells me to hurry to her. She still wants me to be there while exploring a bit more space than before.

She wants privacy getting dressed after swim class, but still asks me to help her with her pajamas when she’s tired. It’s tricky, this balance of be here and give her space. I’m careful not to crowd her, careful not to be too gone.

Independence is like that: hold on, let go, hold on, let go.

Life is like that: hold on, let go, hold on, let go.

Parenting feels a lot like just being here to watch, receive, love, let go, and start over again. Be present. And don’t fall too far behind. Never fall too far behind.

Author: Casey

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