I interviewed my 5-year-old about a fictional character and it went just like you thought it would.


I thought she would pretend to interview Taylor Swift or someone awesome. She, of course, only wanted to talk about Annie. And Elsa. So that’s where we ended up. I learned a valuable lesson here: children who have never seen the news or an interview of any kind have absolutely no idea what an interview is. We need to work on that. Or not. Here’s a transcript of our recorded interview.

My interview with Riley, age 5, at a cafe after school

Me: So if you could interview anyone in the whole world, who would you interview?

Riley: Annie.

Me: No, really?

Riley: Miss Hannigan!

Me: For real? I don’t want another interview about Annie. How about Taylor Swift?

Riley: No!

Me: Don’t you like her?

Riley: Frozen! Frozen!

Me: Oh that’s good. Who would you talk to from Frozen?

Riley: Elsa!

Me: And what kinds of questions would you ask her?

Riley: (thinking…) Elsa, where did you get your ice dress? Did you make it?

Me: Oh that’s a good question. What other questions would you ask Elsa?

Riley: Yes.

Me: Oh? She would say yes? She made it?

Riley: Just pretend that…

Me: Are you both? Or you do you want me to be Elsa and you be the question asker? I can be Elsa.

Riley: I want to be Elsa!

Me: Okay, I have a question for you. Elsa, why were you so mad at your sister?

Riley: Because she pushed me.

Me: Oh dear. Why did she do that?

Riley: (No response).

Me: Is it fun being the ice queen?

Riley: Yes.

Me: What’s your favorite thing to do after school? After ice queen school.

Riley: Make myself a new crown because every time I go to school when we’re playing around everybody trips and everybody trips me and they make me break my crown.

Me: Every day?

Riley: Yeah. No. Just Wednesday, Monday, and Friday.

Me: Oh. So you go home on those days after school and you have to make a new crown?

Riley: Yeah. With my power. And I actually sometimes decide that I want to make it at school.

Me: In art class? In ice power class? Do you have a class that teaches you how to control your ice powers?

Riley: At the ice playground. There’s a playground made out of ice and a playground made out of this glass.

Me: It never breaks?

Riley: It’s magic glass.

Me: Oh so it doesn’t like hurt people? Does everyone at your school have ice powers or just you?

Riley: Everybody.

Me: So Anna can’t go there?

Riley: Well, Anna is there. She has pink ice power and pink fire power. I have fire power. But there’s only girls in my class. Only girls are allowed at that school.

Me: And they have to have powers.

Riley: Yes.

Me: That’s good.

Riley: They HAVE to.

Author: Casey

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