Bedtime Poetry


Sometimes when she can’t sleep, she asks me to come in her room to read for a bit. This is after story time, after chatting about the day (or asking questions about evolution like she did tonight when I set her up for drawing), it’s when she should be asleep or on her way. I bring my kindle or the library book I’m reading and sit on her bed to “read in my head” as she likes to call it while she draws. She just doesn’t want to be by herself. I totally get it.

Tonight, as I started Mary Oliver’s A Thousand Mornings, I realized she would like the poems. They are short and beautiful and perfect to hear while drawing pictures of rainbows and hearts, like she was working on tonight.

So I read to her. I read a poem about writing and she interrupted to remind me that I am a writer like the author. I read a poem about a bird and we learned what a privet is. I read a poem about breaking the rules. She didn’t agree with that one at all. Roozle loves rules.

It didn’t help her fall asleep, but we don’t really care. Poetry is always worth it.

Author: Casey

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