Life Is Better With A Great Pose


She wouldn’t let me put the swim cap over her ears. She doesn’t let me do a lot of stuff these days. She let the swim teacher do it though. I saw and smiled.

She does more for the swim teacher than I could ever get her to do. She’s stubborn with me. She’s five with me.

But she has a great pose. And jumps off the diving board in the exact same way no matter how she’s told to jump. One day she won’t do that anymore. Her brain and body will line up a little better. She will put her own swim cap on. She won’t want me to walk her over to her lesson or clap when she jumps.

She won’t be so five anymore. She will probably still have a great pose, though. She’ll likely always have that. Fancy Roozle is so fancy.

Author: Casey

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