“Mommy, did you know it’s pneumonia not ammonia?” Yeah. I knew that.


“Mommy, did you know that I have pneumonia not ammonia? It’s actually really called pneumonia.”

“Yes. Pneumonia. I knew that. Who told you?”

“My art teacher. I told her I had ammonia and she said it’s called pneumonia. So I told you that.”

“Yeah, she’s right. It’s pneumonia. Did you tell her you’re feeling better?”

“Did you know that my other teacher is allergic to oranges and lemons but it totally doesn’t even matter that she’s allergic to lemons because I wouldn’t even bring a lemon to school for lunch. I mean, I don’t even like eating lemons. They’re sour.”

“They are sour. But you do drink lemonade sometimes, and that’s made with lemons.”

“Oh. Right.”

“What was your happy thing at school today?”

“Oh, you know. Just everything.”

Author: Casey

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