She Had A Very Good Year

Roozle had a very good year. She turned five. She did big things. She saw amazing places. She fell asleep drawing. She learned, she grew, she loved, she sang. So much singing. Here are a few of the year’s more memorable moments, if you’re Roozle.

she went to target january

This was the year that Roozle discovered Target. Our nearest one is close to work, so we often don’t bring her along for those quick trips for coffee that end up filling the basket. Early this year, I brought Roozle along to run some errands. She got dressed fancy for the occasion. Because errands. Because Roozle. She quickly realized The Great Magic That Is Target and has spent the rest of the year asking when we can go back. Because Target.

we loved the city february

One of the best things about city living is that birthday parties often happen in awesome places. We hadn’t considered taking Roozle to the Museum of Fine Arts until she was invited to a birthday party there and WHOA THIS PLACE IS AMAZING. She loved it so much we got a family membership this year so we can go whenever we want.

we loved the library march

This is the year that will always be remembered as the year we fell in love with the library. It is also the year we paid all the library fines. Totally related.

she met cinderella april

When you’re turning five, and you’re Roozle, meeting Cinderella three days before your birthday makes that one the best week ever.

she discovered the cemetery may

Who gets excited about a cemetery and begs to go there every day? This kid. And me too, because it’s amazing. We spent a lot of time there this spring and summer, thanks to Roozle’s begging. It’s in our neighborhood, so, okay!

she finally met wally june

Roozle’s dreams of meeting Wally finally came true this year and it was just as awesome as she thought it would be. Because Wally totally rules. Good job, summer nights. Roozle is totally fancy about baseball.

she became best friends with zoe july

These two. We adopted Zoe almost 12 years ago as a scared puppy. She is terrified of kids (and curtains). But she adores Roozle suddenly this year. Roozle has always adored her, so she’s pretty excited about this new development in their friendship.

she lost her first tooth august

She lost her first tooth! Then another! And another! The first two were a bit traumatic, but now she’s a total pro at tooth losing. I’m still horrified. Because OMG so gross.

she went to new york city september

Her first trip to New York City was a last minute decision and totally perfect. These two climbed a mountain, or a rock, or something they found out there in the wild. Because when you’re a city kid going to another city, you try to find the park as fast as you can. Green space? Trees? What IS all of this? Then you’re over it and go to the giant toy store. Obviously.

she learned to swim octoberThis was the year Roozle learned to swim! When she’s ready, this kid goes all in. She just graduated to the highest level swim class for her age.

we explored the city and loved the ocean november

We explored the city and the ocean. So much ocean this year. Good job, Boston.

she learned to read December

And finally, Roozle learned to read! This is my favorite part of her year, by a lot. Watching this perfectionist struggle and try and fail and try again challenged my parenting more than most things have. I wanted to make it easier for her, but couldn’t. Instead, I supported her. Instead, I just waited. I let her give up when she needed to. She always came back. I knew I could trust this kid’s love for stories. She will always come back.

She had a very good year. We did too. Good job, 2014.


Author: Casey

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