I interviewed my 5-year-old after taking her to see Annie to find out what she thought

Roozle is Annie’s biggest fan. I took her to see the latest Annie movie this weekend after watching the trailer 30 times waiting for it to come out. We cried and sang our way through it at the theater. I interviewed Roozle about what she thought with my fancy new digital voice recorder, then transcribed the interview. If only you could hear how she sang her way through the interview. And the scratches of her drawing on the recorder because I mistakenly placed it next to her clipboard where she was drawing the whole time. I won’t do that again.


My interview with Riley, age 5 at bedtime after seeing Annie

Me: We went to see the new Annie movie, what did you think about it?

Riley: I liked Miss Hannigan.

Me: Why did you like Miss Hannigan?

Riley: Because she has long hair and she looked pretty.

Me: You didn’t think she was too crazy?

Riley: Nope, nope, nope.

Me: Did you like it when she was singing?

Riley: Yeah.

Me: Me too.

Me: How was this Annie different than the last Annie?

Riley: Because she had brown skin.

Me: Oh that’s true. And she was a different person. Was the story different or was it kind of the same?

Riley: It was kind of the same except um, a lot of people went in the helicopter and in the other Annie just one person, just Punjab, goes in the helicopter.

Me: That’s true. Can you think of anything else that was different?

Riley: No.

Me: Were the songs the same?

Riley: Yup! (pause) Not Little Girls!

Me: Little Girls was a little bit different, wasn’t it?

Riley: Yeah because she didn’t say the curly part! That she’s gonna take out their curls. She didn’t say that part.

Me: (cringing) You’re right, she didn’t.

Riley: (singing) Little girls, little girls. But she did start it like it’s supposed to be. (singing) Little girls, little girls, everywhere I turn I can see them. Then she turns and a little girl was holding up a table!

Me: Oh that part was different, then Annie was dancing on a table! That was awesome.

Riley: That was a funny part. And something was different about all the girls, Pepper in the old one had short hair and in this one she had long hair.

Me: That was very different about Pepper. But Pepper was still very grumpy in this one, just like in the regular one.

Riley: Mmmhmm.

Me: What about Rooster? He was missing.

Riley: NO HE WASN’T!

Me: But that guy wasn’t really Miss Hannigan’s brother.

Riley: (breaks into singing Easy Street) And remember the part when she tricked the girls? She said “Shut up!”

Me: What was your favorite part?

Riley: When they all sing “Tomorrow.”

Me: Did you sing along?

Riley: Yeah, kind of.

Me: I did too. Do you think other little kids would like this movie?

Riley: Yeah, because it’s fun. And because the characters are different and Rooster was missing and the pretend parents of Annie were kind of different because the mom had long hair. And something was missing. The bridge that Rooster and Annie climbed on! They didn’t do that! The helicopter went in front of the car and remember that lady said “Oh no. Why do they keep following us?” That was weird. And I think at the end we didn’t see that they actually went to jail. Both of them.

Me: I think they went to jail too. So you know how when you try new food you give it a one if it’s bad, a two if it’s medium-good, and a three if it’s excellent? What would you give New Annie?

Riley: A one hundred and forty two! I was crying at one part because I was very very sad because I was scared that Annie wasn’t going to go back.

Me: Yeah, I was crying at that too because Grace and Mr. Stacks loved her so much and I knew that they would really love to be together.

Riley: Annie said “I’ll miss you.” For no reason.

Me: Then I was crying at the end because I was so happy that they were going to be together. Were you crying then too?

Riley: Yeah, I cried because I was happy.

Author: Casey

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