I got lost in ancient Egypt while looking for Buddha: a night at the Museum of Fine Arts


I went to the Museum of Fine Arts tonight. To write. Because what could be more inspiring than an art museum? I can’t think of anything. I couldn’t think of much to write, either. Apparently, art museums are awful at helping me write. I should’ve known when I saw this sign. It doesn’t include write. Muse? Yes. Want to touch everything? Yes. Wish all your friends were with you because OMG she would love this one? Yes, that too.

Writing? Nope.

I’ll stick to cafes for writing and the art museum for gasping. So much gasping.


Goodness, Jackson Pollock.


Art makes you feel so small. Especially when you get lost in ancient Egypt looking for Buddha.

Maybe next time I’ll get a map.

Author: Casey

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