Show up, you’ll see #rwrunstreak


I’m entering the last week of the Runner’s World run streak I’ve been running for all the days. I’ve lost track of the days more than I’ve known them. The first day was Thanksgiving day. That feels like a billion days ago. Maybe because it was. But I kept going.

Today is Christmas. Today was raining. If I didn’t run in the morning, our schedule wouldn’t allow me to run until way late tonight. So after we opened presents, after I made breakfast and cleaned up. After coffee. So much coffee. I went for a run.

If I wasn’t doing this run streak, there is no way I would’ve run today. For all the reasons. That’s the thing, there are so many reasons not to run. Before this streak, I got stuck there in those reasons a lot. But there doesn’t have to be a reason for me to run, I just need to run. Even if there are loads of reasons not to run, and that list is always long enough, I still need to run.

I need to show up and see what the world has for me.

Reasons to run or not to run never have anything to do with anything once I’m actually running. Because expectations aren’t real. Running is real. Moving my body, beating my average pace, feeling the rain drip off my nose, that’s all real. Those lists and ideas aren’t my reality unless I make them my reality.

Today I showed up in the rain and found myself running down nearly empty streets. I found a quiet city morning just waiting for me to be a part of it.

After 29 days (I just checked) of running every day, I’m all Icy Hot and Advil and OMG I LOVE RUNNING LET’S RUN ALL THE MILES.

And tomorrow we do it again.

Author: Casey

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