She doesn’t believe in Santa. We still do Santa things.


“I know Santa isn’t real.”

“Okay, but we still have to leave him cookies. He will be hungry after delivering all those presents.”

She smiles. She writes him a note.

“You know, there aren’t enough carrots for all the reindeer.”

“They can share.”

“I know these presents are just from you.”

“Okay, but what present do you think Santa will bring you?”

She smiles and shrugs.

Just because she doesn’t believe doesn’t mean we can’t do Santa things. And tonight, we also need to do Tooth Fairy things because someone lost a tooth on the way home from a day at camp today. She doesn’t believe in that one either, but she’ll still be pretty psyched about the Minnie Mouse toothbrush she will find under her pillow in the morning. She’ll say thank you and I’ll ask why she’s thanking me.

We’ll laugh and do it all again soon.

Author: Casey

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