This Is Our Advent


It’s our first Advent and we don’t really know what we’re doing. I asked Twitter and they told me to just buy a LEGO Advent calendar. When I went to do that, I saw Playmobil. Omg. We love Playmobil. So I got it.

I wondered if we should do more. I considered diving in, but kept stopping myself. Yes, I could easily do all my research and find out all the things and have a big plan with all the enthusiasm, but instead, I stopped.

I didn’t want to plan Advent.

Each morning, we wake up and see what the Playmobil piece of the day is. I sit on the couch and drink coffee. I go slow. I pay attention. I’m watching the light. And this kid.

She’s waiting for Christmas, counting the days, and doesn’t even really know what it is. We haven’t celebrated Christmas before. She keeps getting it confused with winter solstice.

Do you ever wait for something that you know will be good, but you aren’t really sure what that will look like?

That’s our Advent. It’s getting darker, but it’s temporary. The light is coming back. And in these quiet mornings, the light is right here.

Author: Casey

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