Got writer’s block? Taylor Swift can help.

I read a lot about writing. And I write a lot. And read a lot about writing a lot. Can’t stop, won’t stop. And still, I sometimes get stuck. What can I write that even matters? What am I doing? What’s the point? But I write because I have to. Not really because of what I want to do with it. I’m not the kind of writer who does all this work because I want to write a book some day or wants to work on some kind of big important essay. I just write because I can’t not write. And yet, sometimes, I get stuck. I have to write, but what? And how do I start? It’s a problem that can’t last very long since I post here every day, but it’s frustrating and time consuming. I don’t have time to get stuck. I have writing to do.

I read somewhere in some poetry book that a good way to work on poetry writing is to rewrite someone else’s poem. It’s the best idea ever. When I’m sick of myself, I just get out of the way and get all awesome of form and words and counting syllables from someone else.

This is when I need Taylor Swift.

Writing Taylor Swift songs as haiku is my new favorite project. My notebook is full of Taylor Swift lyrics and counted syllables. It’s fun relatively useless and keeps me excited about language and writing. That’s exactly where I need to be when I have a deadline and all the writing to do. I need to love what writing can do. I need to remember that writing is magic.

Writing saves me. Over and over. Even when it’s just rewriting pop song lyrics into haiku. Writing rules. It’s true. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

Author: Casey

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