Enthusiasm Problems


On the way to the train, we walked through some mud. She gasped and excitedly started…

“Did you know that mud is just wet dirt?”

“I did.”

“Yeah if you like take dry dirt from your garden or something and put it in a bowl and pour water into it, that will totally make mud. Because mud is just wet dirt.”

“Yeah. I knew that. It’s awesome. But mud is gross.”

“Yeah. Mud is gross, Mommy. But it’s just wet dirt.”

“I got that. Thanks.”

Sometimes I don’t have to ask her if she’s learning anything in school. Or what they’re talking about. Because mostly this kid tells me all the things all the time.

We talk a lot. When we’re not singing. Or sleeping. I love sleeping. And talking. And singing. I have no idea where she gets her enthusiasm.

(She talks while eating cookies and smiling for selfies on the train too. We’re working on the talking while eating thing. It’s not going well).

Author: Casey

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