Green Painter’s Tape For Christmas


We’re all up in the Christmas Spirit around here these days. It’s technically Roozle’s second Christmas, but since her first and only Christmas was when she was 8 months old, it feels like the first again. It’s like a born again Christmas or something.

I maybe got a little carried away with the removal of Christmas from our lives all those years ago, so this time, we’re starting over. And starting over is expensive. We didn’t have stockings or ornaments or decorations. What we do have is a super crafty 5-year-old, thankfully. And a roll of green painter’s tape.

We taped a tree shape to the door for alphabet magnets. Another tape tree will go on the chalkboard. And another on the wall for “tape the ornament to the tree” game we’re about to make up.

Good job, green tape! Good job, first-but-sort-of-second Christmas!

Author: Casey

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