Though I Fail, I Am Not A Failure


As of today, I have failed my 30 miles in 30 days running challenge. I didn’t run 30 miles in 30 days. I’d say that I failed by a lot, but even failing a challenge like this by a little is still failing. So. I failed.

But I am not a failure.

I did this challenge to help myself keep running.

This month, I kept running.

I did this challenge to figure out how to keep moving, even though I have less time, it’s dark, and it’s cold.

I didn’t run much this month, but I walked a lot. When I take the train to work, it’s a 3 mile walk. I’m trying this once a week or more when I can.


I did this challenge so I wouldn’t quit.

I didn’t quit. I ran more in November than in October. I ran faster, stronger, better.

Though I fail, I am not a failure.

I started running 5 months ago. I’m still running. It’s hard, but I know I can do hard things. Even when it’s dark. And cold.

I didn’t quit. And though I hate to fail a challenge, I’m okay with this one. I’ll get my 30 miles. Just not quite yet.

Author: Casey

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