Thanksgiving Food


“Riley, don’t be mad. I made a big mistake.”

“Oh no, Mommy. What is it?”

“I forgot the tofurky and we’re too far from home to go back for it.”

“Oh no. What are we going to eat?!”

“You could have a peanut butter sandwich?”

“That is not Thanksgiving food! And everyone will eat turkey except us!”

“You could eat the turkey with Mama if you want?”

“No! I don’t eat turkey!”

“I don’t either. I don’t eat any animals.”


“I called Papa. He has tofu hotdogs in the freezer.”

“Yay! That’s good! Since you forgot the tofurky and shouldn’t do that again.”

Because tofu hotdogs are totally Thanksgiving food, Roozle.

Author: Casey

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