5 Things You Shouldn’t Say To The Lesbian Parents at Thanksgiving Dinner


Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I should’ve written this post before now, but I know how you procrastinators are. You probably haven’t even bought your tofurky yet. Or at all.

If you are lucky enough to have some lesbian parents at your Thanksgiving table this year, I’m here to help you make sure it’s wicked awesome.

1. “The stuffing is vegetarian, you can just pick the sausage out of it.”
Lesbians love being vegetarians or vegan and/or having a long list of opinions about where food comes from. Be sure you don’t cook those local, organic carrots in chicken stock. Some tofurky needs to be thawed first, but don’t use a microwave. Lesbians are cautious about microwaves because we heard something about them once on NPR.

2. “Where did you get your kids?”
Don’t ask the lesbians where they got their kid(s). Because that’s awful. Stop that.

3. “Oh! A turkey baster! I hope this one is new! Hahaha!”
Don’t make turkey baster jokes. Because Thanksgiving, you guys. And it’s not even that funny.

4. “Wow! (insert kid’s name here) looks SO MUCH like (insert gestational parent’s name here)!”
Lesbian parents with one bio-mom and one non-bio-mom hear this a lot. It can be hard for the non-gestational parent to hear. And my daughter has blue eyes because her donor has blue eyes, not because of the blue-eyed members of our extended family. Thanksgiving is not a great time for the nature vs. nurture debate.

5. “That’s so gay!”
I mean, you should stop saying this one all the time, really.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Author: Casey

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