Come As You Are


Our church takes come as you are seriously. I know that when I say “yes you can wear your Elsa dress to church,” but then I forget it when it’s my turn to sit still. I forget it when I’m not so good at that. I forget when I’m writing haiku of the hymns in the bulletin. I forget when I’m live tweeting the sermon.

Come as you are.

I forget it when I read about yet another church rejecting the gays. I forget it when the fight against same-sex marriage is full of bible quotes. I get confused. I forget.

Come as you are.

My church doesn’t want me to be straight. Or quiet. Or stop fidgeting. They don’t want my daughter to not wear her Elsa dress or the other ridiculous amazing outfits she puts together on church days. They want to hear her sing even when she gets the words wrong. They want to offer us communion, to welcome us at the table we were once rejected from.

Lord I am not worthy to receive you, but only say the words and I shall be healed.

They want us. As we are. Not how we should be. Not as we could be.

Sometimes I don’t believe much. Sometimes I believe everything.
Sometimes I get excited.
Sometimes I get discouraged.

Come as you are. I can do that.

Author: Casey

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