Walking Meditation


Meditation is really just watching your breath. I say in and out when I meditate, or think it at least, to help guide me to my breath. When you’re watching your breath, you notice your thoughts. Really you notice OMG MY THOUGHTS I HAVE TOO MANY THOUGHTS ALL THE THOUGHTS SAVE ME FROM THE THOUGHTS. And back to the breath. In. Out.

Since I’m pretty terrible at sitting still (or super awesome at not sitting still depending on how you look at it), I recently started walking meditation.

In walking meditation, you’re supposed to walk slowly, deliberately, only a few steps then back again. I’m also bad at slow (good at fast!) so I walk quickly. Meditation is way more about figuring out what works for you than just following some rules. I just made that up, but you should quote me on it.

Walking quickly, watching my breath, I notice that the OMG ALL THE THOUGHTS pass through as I don’t hold on to them. Then I see that I’ve moved away from them. Like the super intense thought I just had? That was half a block away. Thoughts are just thoughts. Everything isn’t everything.

It will be okay.

Holding on to our thoughts as if they define us isn’t helpful. Watching ourselves walk away from them as they slip through our minds is totally helpful.

I’m sure some awesome Buddhist has all kinds of reasons for this. I don’t. Except that I watch it happen. That’s enough for me.

Author: Casey

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