Five random things aren’t probably all that random because what is random anyway. It’s all connected. We all are. Always. Tagged by Alexandra to do this. Thank you, friend.


I love the laundromat. I always say laundrymat, though. It’s hard to correct the things you’ve said wrong since the beginning. Roozle has been begging me to take her with me so I took her there last night. She loved it as much as I do. Maybe because she was eating Skittles and watching a show on her Kindle. Maybe because the laundromat is wonderful and alive.


I pray the rosary every day, but I’m not Catholic. I read once that you don’t have to believe something to do it. I let those other Catholics believe for me. The rosary quiets my racing mind and gives me more space. I learned it in Catholic school. I always found mystery there. I like that I can access that mystery whenever I want by reaching for the beads in my pocket.


I have a lot of Converse high tops. They’re my favorite. White, black on black, pink, green, and yellow. So good.


I recently switched to black coffee. It’s awesome and I never knew. Sometimes change is good. Mostly it’s terrifying.


I’m reading a book about meditation right now. It’s the third book I’ve read about meditation and I’m realizing it’s kind of weird to read about meditation since there’s not much doing in it. I mean, that’s like the whole point. Just sitting there. Maybe I’ll write a book on meditation. It will go like this: “Sit down or whatever you want. Close your eyes if you feel like it. Watch your thoughts move around. Watch how you breathe. Notice that everything changes, because it does. Stop when you’re done. Start again when you want to or choose to or something. The end.” That book would totally rule.

Author: Casey

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