Mindful Laundry


I’ve been wanting to write about laundry for a while. Yes, laundry. I’m pretty obsessed with it, really. Laundry is always a problem around here. It shows up on my mental list of things to obsess over quite a bit. I can never really get it figured out enough to stay on top of it.

I keep thinking I’ve figured it out, then we fall apart.

Maybe if I do one load per day… It didn’t work.

Maybe if I hang dry everything… Nope.

Maybe if we move the hampers around and use smaller ones… That didn’t work either.

Maybe if we send it out once a week… That totally worked for a while, but then the place we sent it to started not having it ready same day and it got confusing and I thought they lost my whale sweatshirt and OMG (insert other first world problems here). So, that ended up not really being so awesome either.

The thing about laundry is that there’s no real trick. You can obsess all you want, but really, you just have to do the laundry. You have to wash, dry, fold, and put away the clothes.

It’s not magic. It’s just work.

I started to realize this recently as yet another one of my Great Laundry Ideas started to break down (What if we only have one laundry basket!? Then we can never leave baskets around unfolded! Spoiler alert: you will then leave piles.)

Then our washer broke.

We will replace it, but it’s a big project that I can’t deal with right now (stackable in a kitchen cabinet), so we’re going to the laundromat.

There’s no magic to the laundromat. No tricks. Just do the laundry. When it’s finished, bring it home. That’s it.

When I stop trying to master The Great Laundry Problem and just do it, it’s not so awful. I read a book. It didn’t take long. I’m almost looking forward to going back on Saturday morning.

Laundry will always be pretty terrible. Mindful laundry is way better. At least for now.

Author: Casey

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