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It’s I Love The Internet time! All the reading, all the writing, life totally rules. Or maybe we’re just here because I’m obsessed with Horizontal Line and get to use it so much in these posts. Leave a comment with a link to the best thing you read online this week (or something you read before, but are thinking about this week, that counts too). And if you wrote something online this week, leave a link to that too. Because sharing what you write is hard and scary and wonderful and makes the world go around. Or something. Ready? Let’s do this.

“But no matter how many times I drive kids around and wash diapers and kiss baby rolls and say stupid kid shit and nurse and cook and clean, I never feel like this is all I am. I never feel like I don’t want more. I never feel like there isn’t a “me,” hovering just beneath the surface, going through the motions but also holding on to something else.

Once again I realize: Motherhood is my occupation. It is not my definition.

It will never be my definition.”

Read more at renegademothering.com.

“We never tell our children their sister is in a better place. Not only do I abhor that expression, I would never dream of using it with a small child. It’s a complex concept that is too abstract for my four-year-old’s black-and-white way of thinking.

If you find yourself in a similar situation with a child who’s lost a relative, I have some advice.”

Read more: http://thespohrsaremultiplying.com/living-with-loss/in-a-better-place/#ixzz3GXGVt3GE

“I hold my breath because the hate is about to turn up the volume. I heard the shouting before I realized what was happening. As I turned my head, the hot tears burned down my cheeks. A large group had gathered to protest in front of their church. Not because the church supported us — no, that particular church still doesn’t — but because that’s where their numbers were the greatest…”

As the marriage equality momentum picks up, I’m over here holding my breath. Because this is when the haters get really loud. And even though they’re wrong, I’m still human, and it still hurts. I wrote about it this week for SheKnows, Gay Marriage Momentum Brings Out the Hate.

Some Poetry:
The Map of Imperfections and No Help for That/Charles Bukowski

On Writing:
I was struggling hard writing a piece this week that I couldn’t give up on (because deadline) and used this awesome trick to get myself through it.

What I’m Reading:
Daily Rituals: How Artists Work I am loving this book. The sections are super short so it’s perfect to read for a few minutes before bed.

What We’re Doing:
Adding a bit of food coloring to shaving cream was Roozle’s favorite in her shower this week. It’s like the best bath paint ever because you don’t have to store it and it cleans up easily.


She found this free Elmo in the book bin. He talks and climbs hydrants. Help.

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Roozle brought this guy home to live with us. This week has been loud. May your internetting be full of awesome free things that aren’t so noisy.

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