Worth The Wait


When you don’t need a jacket, or even a sweatshirt, in the middle of October, you take the long way to the cafe after a visit to the library. Even if it means carrying the heavy bag of books for much longer while you wait for the climber to climb all of the fence. It’s totally worth it.

October in New England is a moment to moment situation. If the weather is nice, you let go of any and all inside plans to climb walls, go for walks, run outside, and breathe the fall air. Because tomorrow it might be winter. And then New England winter can stay until April. Or even May. Or maybe not. We just have to be ready to drop anything and everything to enjoy the sun when it shows up. Today it did. Today I didn’t remind her to hurry. I had my camera and a heavy library bag and all the time she needed.

Author: Casey

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