Explaining Gay Marriage To My 5-Year-Old

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“Today was a super big day for gay people.”

“Why? What happened?”

“Well, you know how there are some states that think that gay people can’t get married?”

“Does our state think that?”

“No. Our state thinks it’s okay.”

“Yeah! That’s why you and Mama got married in New York!”

“Well, we got married here. In Massachusetts. But yes, we got married here because our state said we could. But different states have different rules.”


“Yeah. And some people didn’t like that other states were telling gay people they couldn’t get married so they brought it to a judge. And the judge decided, but the state didn’t like the decision, so it went to a bigger court in Washington DC.”

“Yeah like where the White House is.”

“Right. And that biggest court of all told the states that they can’t have that rule anymore and gay people have to be able to get married there if they want now.”

“That’s super good.”

“It is. So now 30 of the states let gay people get married and only 20 still think it’s bad.”

“30 is MORE than 20 so that’s so super good.”

“It is super good.”

“I’m making this fairy with a magenta face but I’m coloring it lightly for her skin because I made her eyes magenta too and I don’t want it to be the same.”

“Good idea.”

Author: Casey

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