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It’s goodnightRoozle time! She’s still drawing herself to sleep, almost ten months after it all started. In these ten months, those who have been following along with Roozle’s bedtime drawing routine have had a lot of questions. I figured it’s time for a #goodnightRoozle FAQ.


#goodnightRoozle FAQ


Where did you get the Paris sheets?

The most frequently asked question of all is about Roozle’s sheets. Her lovely Paris sheets totally rule. They’re our favorite. My mom found them at a thrift store near her house. We have no idea who made them or where they came from. Best thrift shop score ever. Good job, Mimi. Her Frozen sheets are from Amazon and her duvet cover and striped pillowcase are from Ikea.


Does she sleep with her light on?

Yes. She falls asleep with her light on every night. We go in to check on her once she’s quiet and clean off her bed of markers and paper and books and turn off the light.


Does she get marker/crayon/pencil marks on her sheets/blankets/walls/bed?

Yes. All the time. There are marks on her walls, bed, sheets, and blanket from all of her drawing. Not because she’s writing off the paper, but because she falls asleep in the middle of drawing then rolls over and draws on whatever is close.


Do you stage the photos?

No. I’ve never staged any of the photos. If you met this kid, you would know that she wouldn’t cooperate at all for such a thing and that she often wakes up when I start to take her drawing supplies away. She certainly wouldn’t go for being set up in her sleep or pretending to be. Not without posing and smiling, of course. Because Roozle.


What do you do with all her artwork?

We recycle it. She goes through a lot of paper. She starts drawing the minute she wakes up, draws all day, and falls asleep drawing. If we saved it all, we wouldn’t be able to walk through our apartment.


What time does she go to bed and how long does it take her to fall asleep?

She goes to bed at 7pm and usually takes between 30 minutes and an hour to fall asleep. It depends on the day. She has no set time that she needs to be asleep. She’s allowed to stay up drawing as late as she wants, but is only allowed to come out of her room to go to the bathroom if needed. She was coming out for more drawing supplies for a while and that was becoming a problem.


Do you have any rules?

No scissors, glue, staplers, or string allowed in bed. We did have a No Markers rule for a while, but that didn’t last.


Do you have any #goodnightRoozle questions?


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