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Reading, same-sex marriage, on being the only one, and advice for new parents, this week’s I Love The Internet totally rules. Because the internet totally ruled this week. As usual. Good job, internet. Let’s read all the blogs!


“I want her to give herself the title of reader like a crown, with a jewel at the tip of each letter like the points of a star. I want her to write in Reading as one of the firsts under “Your hobbies or interests?” I want her to feel no embarrassment or shame over her love of books, as if it’s something she didn’t want to be true about herself. When someone asks her what some of the things are that she likes to do, I want her to answer “reading,” just like that, and not stumble for other things to say instead.

Read more at gooddayregularpeople.com.

“For those of us who live on the margins; margins of class or race, margins of sexuality or gender, we have all experienced the loneliness of being the only one in the room.

Sometimes it’s no big deal, just the reality of the situation. Sometimes you look around and it’s a sinking feeling…”Oh. I am completely alone.” Maybe that sinking feeling is coupled with a moment of fear: if something goes wrong there is no one who will stand up for me. Or maybe it’s just the realization that in this moment there is no one who understands the particularity of your experience.”

Read more at anarchistreverend.com.

“Since I’ve been a kid, I’ve had an on-again, off-again relationship with faith and religion. Believing that there’s some sort of higher entity and being has allowed me to have faith in everything happening as it’s meant to happen on more than one occasion.  However, since I realized I was a lesbian, my faith has become a more silent declaration. I’ve found it easier to casually declare “I’m a lesbian” versus “I’m a lesbian with a strong faith.” My faith has grown stronger over the past few years, when a new Pastor became the leader of my family’s church… I’ve written and re-written an email to my Pastor over and over again, afraid to hear the answers to questions I’ve asked and prayed for answers to for a while. Finally, two weeks ago, I bit the bullet and emailed my Pastor.”

Read more at gaybrideguide.com.

“The way we give advice. The way we mumble this or that or this and hahahaha and oh how cute and you know what WHO FUCKING CARES?

Look at the woman. Look at her. Look at the woman sitting across from you on that couch. See the human transformed. See the human with a milky chest and belly still half-holding a baby and the tired in her eyes. See the woman who has become a mother and maybe doesn’t even know what that means yet and look as hard as you can into that fear and love and pain and ask her. Tell her. Open it all to her. And if you haven’t experienced it, listen. Ask. Hold and love.

Maybe she’s not having these thoughts, and that’s cool. But if she is, SHE NEEDS YOU TO LET HER KNOW you’ve thought it too, and it’s okay, and welcome to the motherfucking club.

Talk to me, friend, and tell me all the dark shit in your brain.”

Read more at renegademothering.com.

Make sure you listen to my Very! First! Podcast! Interview! on thisshowissogay.com this week. It’s super exciting. And awesome. And stuff.

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