5 Things That Could Go Wrong At The Library

We recently hit the most important milestone in parenting history: my kid can go to her own section at the library without me while I go to mine. We tried it last week for the first time. It happened by accident, as I walked away for a moment and stumbled upon the poetry section that I didn’t even know was there. The next thing I knew, Roozle arrived with a book to show me.

After handing me the book, I asked her if she was okay by herself in the kid’s section. She skipped off with a confident, “Yeah!” As I watched her go, I thought of a few things that could go wrong while she was on her own. Not including terribly awful things, because we all don’t need to think more about that.

1. She could lead all the children in a choreographed version of Let It Go. No really, she could. She has done this before.
2. She could be singing alleluia at top volume as she does regularly. Or singing anything, really. Because library.
3. She could find a kid with snacks and convince her to share. This could alarm the other parents that she is there alone while her mom is reading poetry. Oh the shame. And judgement.
4. She may make friends with the librarian. Extrovert alert. Librarians usually don’t want short talkative friends who having missing parents. I assume.
5. She could freak out that I’m missing and shout and scream to everything that she is alone in the library and make me feel awful for taking a few minutes for myself.

Thankfully, this first time, none of this happened. She played with the blocks in the infant section then found two mostly Spanish books and came to find me when she was ready to go. It ruled. Phew.


Author: Casey

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