Not Fair: Screen Time Rules


“Don’t forget that when school starts, we go back to no TV during the week.”
“That’s not fair!”
“Why not?”
“Because grown ups get to like do whatever they want when they go to work and stuff!”
“When grown ups go to work they have to work actually.”
“Well, whatever. It’s not fair that grown ups get to do grown up stuff anyway.”
“Yeah that’s true. It’s totally not fair that we get to drive and go to work and stuff. Anyway, no TV when school starts.”
“That’s not fair!”

Everything is “not fair” these days. Can’t have a lollipop for breakfast? Not fair! Time to brush your teeth? Not fair!

We are back to our regular school year screen time rules around here. No TV during the week and all she wants on the weekend. That worked out to not much on Saturdays and quite a bit on Sundays last year. With this, the first weekend after school started again, we seem to be right back in that same pattern. Of course, we also did all the things today, so “quite a bit” is pretty relative.

Every kid is different. This is what seems to work best for us. Thankfully. After struggling with variations of screen time rules and no rules for a while, we finally found what works for all of us. Even though it’s “not fair.”

Life isn’t fair, Roozle. Just ask my dad. He loved to tell me that as a kid.

Author: Casey

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