What If My Daughter Is Gay? (On SheKnows.com)


She says she will marry a girl. Maybe because she has two moms and girls marry girls. Maybe because fancy girls are so fancy and she loves fancy. But maybe she will grow up to realize that she’s gay. Or queer. Or not straight. And though we will love her no matter what, I sometimes hope she will be straight. Life is hard enough already. Goodness. I wrote about it on SheKnows.com today.

Part of me wants her to follow her passions, to fall in love, and to see how she can challenge this world. And part of me wants her to not have to do all the work. It’s hard enough to have two moms. It’s hard enough to just get by some days with the amount of heartbreak all around us. Sometimes, as a parent, I just want life to be good to her. And I worry that if she’s gay, it often won’t be.”

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Author: Casey

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