When She’s Ready


We’ve tried this before. We tried it when she wasn’t ready. We said “She loves the water!” and tried to convince ourselves that she could do it. Or that she would do it. We knew she wouldn’t. She clung to us in the water. She begged us to stay home.

She really just wasn’t ready.

Parenting is tricky with a kid like this. There’s a time when it’s okay to push a bit. There’s a time when it’s totally not okay at all. We pushed swimming when it wasn’t okay to push. Then we listened and quit the class.

This summer, as I watched her swim across a friend’s pool (without her life jacket), I knew she was ready. For a beginner swim class. The one with toddlers. The one to build her confidence and send her on her perfectionist way.

She had her first class yesterday. No parents in the pool. She begged me to cancel it for weeks, but I refused. Not this time. This was the time she needed the push. And I felt awful about it.

The class was perfect. She learned how to dive and swim on her back and jumped off the diving board three times. This is the same kid who wouldn’t put her face in the water at the Baby Splash class last fall. This time, she cried when we left because she didn’t want to get out of the pool.

When she’s ready, she’s all in and ready to start from the beginning. Okay, Roozle, let’s start right there.

Author: Casey

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