Her Life Is A Fashion Show

roozlestyle august 2014


Summer is coming to an end and with it ends the life we know daily as Roozle’s Fashion Show. There were very few rules about clothes for camp this summer so we had a very happy very fancy Roozle. She allowed sneakers into her life (after camp required them for soccer on Wednesdays). She wore shorts without a skirt on top a few times. Without complaint. Once even without parental suggestion. She wore a tshirt the other day and I didn’t pass out from shock. Her socks still don’t match. She still lives mostly in dresses. She dances and sings and moves through her little fashion show life. So much not stopping with this one. She usually has a prop: a ball, her doll, an umbrella, the dog, or even a friend.

Soon we will be back to uniforms and school and all things a bit more more boring. Until then, life is a fashion show. 

Author: Casey

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