The Easiest Egg Sandwich

I love eggs. They’re my favorite. I usually like my eggs fried, but if I’m at work, I make the easiest egg sandwich ever.


This is an egg. This is an egg in a cup. (Say that like “This is your brain on drugs” from that 80s anti-drug campaign, obviously).


Use a throw away paper cup, if you can. Because the egg sticks to the side and is gross. It’s also super hot and would probably melt a plastic cup.

Crack the egg, stir it up really well, a microwave it uncovered for one minute. It will puff up and look awesome like science. Science totally looks awesome.


I like mine on a toasted english muffin with some avocado all spread out like this and a slice of cheddar cheese. Sometimes the cheese. Not always. I’m not a huge fan of cheese on sandwiches. But if you don’t have the avocado, you’ll need cheese or something else to make this really awesome. And it is. Really awesome. And the easiest egg sandwich ever.

Author: Casey

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