I Love The Internet: Let’s Blog Every Day!

I love the internet let's blog every day


This week, I celebrated two years of blogging every day. Every single day. Sometimes, it totally ruled. Other times, I questioned my own sanity. Lots of times, my family questioned my ability to make good decisions. But! Here we are. And I’ll keep going. Because blogging every day makes me better and connects me in a deeper way to this incredible community I love so much. I love the internet.

This week, I Love The Internet is celebrating the blog every day bloggers because blogging every day totally rules. Did I mention that? For real.

Featuring bloggers who blog every day is tricky. Because they have all the posts. And all the posts are awesome. So instead of featuring one post, I’m featuring the whole blogs.

Burgh Baby: “I use this space to make sure that I don’t forget. Anything. It’s all about us.” 

Smacksy: “My kid is eight. His name is Bob. He talks a lot. I write it down.” 

“When people ask about my writing habits and hear that I write every day, they sometimes say, “Oh, I could never do that.” As if it were a choice. But the truth is it’s not. Writing, for me, is something I have to do. Otherwise, I just don’t feel like myself.” from goinswriter.com. It’s true. 


Want to start blogging every day? Want to write every day? Just start. Today. Right now. Go short. Don’t try to change the world every time. Do the work. Show up. Writing every day totally rules. 

Author: Casey

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