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My kindergartner has two moms


As we prepare ourselves to have a kid in kindergarten, we also have to prepare Roozle to be that kid. In kindergarten. OMG. Part of that is talking through her anxiety about a new year and new friends and new teachers with her. She wonders if her teachers and friends from last year will remember her. She was in Pre-K in the same school so it’s all easier than starting totally new, but still a bit tricky. We have some unique challenges as a two-mom family that we have needed to prepare Roozle for. I wrote about it this week on


“Mommy, why does my teacher only say one of my last names? Does that make Mama feel bad?”

It’s a new school year for this two-mom family. Another year of coming out to the other parents. Another year of explaining that “yes, we can be a two-mom family” to the curious children on the playground. Yes, little one, we are both the real moms.

Our daughter is starting kindergarten this year. And though we live in the sometimes progressive city of Boston, we still have issues. Every single year.

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